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What Is TTCM

  • We are not a public campground run by a State or County agency.
  • We are not a private campground owned by an individual, family, or commercial entity.
  • The Travel Trailer Club of the Midwest (TTCM) is a private member-owned campground.
  • We are a social club organized for the pleasure, recreation, and fellowship associated with family RV camping.

Camping At TTCM

  • We are not open to the general public, however, we do offer limited short term camping to those with an interest in potentially joining our club.
  • We do offer short term camping for RV’s that are traveling through the area and need a friendly place to stay for one or two nights.
  • We recommend self contained RV's since our campgrounds do not have flush toilets and shower facilities.

How We Operate

  • TTCM does not operate on the principle where you (the member) pay an annual fee and we (TTCM) provide all the amenities and campground upkeep for your leisure and enjoyment.
  • TTCM is not a for-profit business. You are not paying a membership fee so that an unknown owner makes a monetary profit and in return provides all the campground upkeep for you to freely use for your personal benefit.
  • TTCM operates by club members investing their personal time and labor toward property maintenance, improvement projects, and general campground upkeep, thereby increasing the campgrounds value to all club members.

Member Responsibility

  • As with any “club” you are expected to be an “active” member. Helping to maintain the campground and participate in club sponsored activities -- recreational activities as well as work activities -- are how we maintain affordable camping fees and foster friendships.
  • Showing up, camping as a recluse, then leaving for home are what public and private campgrounds are all about. Clubs, like this one, expect and count on member interaction and participation.

Club Governance

  • Club members elect an executive committee to serve the interests of all club members and manage the club governance and policies.
  • Members are encouraged to attend club meetings so they understand how the club operates and so the Executive Committee has wide-ranging input as to what the members want the club to be.

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